The idea of the bbHelp Club website is to provide help with bbPress, and the website does use bbPress for community forums, while most of the other plugins (and theme) are developed by Dev4Press.

The core of this website is a plugin made specifically for this website called bbHelp Club. This plugin controls some elements of the website, including modifications to the rating, various tweaks for the forums, display of ads and more. And, obviously, the community forums are powered by bbPress.

Plugins panel
Plugins panel

For displaying the syntax highlighted code inside the answers, website uses Enlighter plugin. For contact form and the ask question form website uses Gravity Forms plugin. For website speed optimization, content cache and CDN support, WP Rocket is used. And, for newsletters, website uses Mailster plugin.

The rest of the plugin used are created by Dev4Press, and this includes all plugins made for bbPress:

  • GD bbPress Toolbox Pro – to enhance the bbPress powered forums. Website uses wide range of the Toolbox features, including Quote, Attachments, Signatures, Report, Thanks, Topic Tracking and much more.
  • GD Topic Prefix Pro – to add topic prefixes into some of the forums.
  • GD Topic Polls Pro – to add polls to all topics in all the forums.
  • GD Power Search Pro – to add advanced search to the community forums.

And, a few more Dev4Press plugins too:

  • GD Content Tools Pro – used to add new custom post types and custom taxonomies, to implement metaboxes for custom data and add metaboxes into bbPress forms.
  • GD SEO Toolbox Pro – SEO optimization for all post types, including forums, XML sitemaps, social network specific SEO and more.
  • GD Rating System Pro – used for the rating of posts and answers, with more to do with future updates.
  • GD Press Tools Pro – to add various administration tools, events log, debugging capabilities, backup, cleanup tools and various tweaks.
  • GD Security Toolbox Pro – first line of defense, with tweaks for .httaccess enhancement, antispam tools, HTTP headers control, security log access control and more.
  • GD Clever Widgets Pro – used for few widgets only – enhanced text widget, posts filtering widgets and few more things.
  • GD Crumbs Navigator Pro – used to implement breadcrumbs throughout the website, including the forums.

In total, there are 16 plugins active. As for the theme, it is the same theme first developed for the Dev4Press website, here with various modifications and new color scheme.

So, there you have it, the behind the scenes look at the WordPress and plugins that power the bbHelp Club. If you have any questions regarding any of the plugin, and how they are used, feel free to ask through comments.

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