With the GD Power Search Pro for bbPress plugin, bbPress Help Club now has advanced search for the community forums that will be significant help in the when it comes to searching the forums.

bbPress is a lightweight plugin that integrates into WordPress, and it was never intended to have all the features standalone forum software has, and it has very basic keyword search that depends completely on the WordPress own WP_Query search. And, now all that changes with the use of GD Power Search Pro plugin. This plugin replaces default bbPress search form on the bbPress Search page with the advanced, filters powered search form.

bbHelp Club Forums Search page
bbHelp Club Forums Search page

With the new search, you can select forums to search, date period, author, topic tag and content type. And, keywords search can be limited to title or content. Search results sorting can be also modified. Installation of GD Power Search Pro for bbPress required no changes to the website templates, and the only changes are related to some minor styling tweaks. Even without styling changes, form looks good and fits well into any theme.

If you run your own bbPress powered forum, you can get the GD Power Search Pro for bbPress, and for a a limited time, with the exclusive 10% discount using this coupon: BBHELPSEARCH. This coupon is valid until the October 31st, 2018. Go to the Buy Now page, and use the coupon on the checkout.
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