GD Quantum Theme

Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control. Plugin doesn’t require any coding, but, it is developer friendly

GD Power Search

Easy to use plugin for adding advanced search form into bbPress search page to allow filtering by different criteria: forums, users, tags, prefixes, date range and more. Plugin doesn’t require any coding, but, it is developer friendly with many useful hooks to modify the output.

GD bbPress Toolbox

Very powerful plugin that adds great many features to bbPress powered forums, making them look and work more like the standalone forum software. Plugin is easy to setup with neatly organized and documented settings. You can modify many things through templates modifications.

GD Topic Prefix

Easy to use plugin, and very useful for adding another layer of topics classification to the bbPress forums. Prefixes and group of prefixes are defined as taxonomies and terms, making working with them easy and allows easy filtering for topics when needed, inside forums or for all topics.

GD Topic Polls

Easy to use plugin for adding polls to bbPress forum topics. Each poll is displayed at the top of the topic page, and both the form and forum can be customized with different poll closing terms, limit the responses, hide the results and more. Includes various admin side panels to review polls and responses.