bbPress Under the Hood: Theme Packages

To display the content for forums, bbPress relies on the theme templates. But, these are specialized template, and most themes don’t have them. So, how the bbPress uses templates?

bbPress Under the Hood: Theme Compatibility System

bbPress requires theme templates to display the forums content. Currently, bbPress needs total of 16 theme templates for all content types and taxonomies.

How to safely override and modify default bbPress templates?

There are many ways to modify the way the bbPress forums look like, styling changes, filters and actions and overriding the templates bbPress uses to render all the forums elements.

Advanced search in community forums

With the GD Power Search Pro for bbPress plugin, bbPress Help Club now has advanced search for the community forums that will be significant help in the when it comes to searching the forums.

How to add custom code from the bbHelp Club Answers

Many of the answers on this website include the custom code you need to use (and maybe modify) to achieve something related to bbPress. What is the best way to add this code?