How can I disable adding of ‘nofollow’ to content links?

By default, bbPress is changing all external links in the content to include rel attribute set to ‘nofollow’.

How can I enable the rich editor (TinyMCE) for topics and replies?

By default, bbPress can use plain textarea or simple toolbar editor, but you can enable TinyMCE too.

Can I disable the ‘forums’ prefix in all the forum links?

By default, bbPress prefixes all forums links (forums, topics, views…) with the ‘forums’ prefix.

Can I disable showing avatars with user profile links?

bbPress shows Gravatars with all user profile links, and it doesn’t have option to do that from the plugin settings.

Why are YouTube links turning into videos when posted in the forum?

By default, bbPress is set to automatically take links and turn them into embedded content.