bbPress can use Akismet service to check topics and replies for spam, and there is no option available  to control this integration, and if you use Akismet, you will be forced to use it for bbPress content too.

The only way to disable Akismet integration is to disable bbPress Akismet extend library from loading.

Code to disable Akismet integation

add_action('init', 'bbhelp_club_disable_akismet_integration');
function bbhelp_club_disable_akismet_integration() {
  remove_action('bbp_ready', 'bbp_setup_akismet', 2);


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One thought on “How can I disable bbPress integration with Akismet?”

  1. ripul says:

    Akismet is a terrible terrible plugin. I have a 1 .5 GB database with posts table of 350mb. The akismet has created 900mb of data in postmeta table. This post helped me.

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